What are Cook-in Bags?

Cook-in bags are thermally insulated bags in which food continues to cook without using further energy. For example a pot of beans, which typically take 3-4 hours over a fire or stove, can be boiled for 12-15 minutes then placed in the bag for 3 hours. Rice or pasta brought to the boil for 1-2 minutes, will be ready after 20 minutes in the bag! It is easy to understand how you will save fuel!

In much of Africa, daily cooking is done over an open fire using wood or charcoal. Demand for cooking fuel is decimating the native forests and people have to search for fuel further from home. This is often women’s work, which makes women and girls vulnerable to attack in remote places and occupies a large amount of time, even preventing girls from attending school.

The harmful effects on health of cooking on an open fire are detailed in this WHO report with pneumonia, stroke, heart and lung disease high on the list. Open fires are also a hazard to those moving around them; every year many children are hospitalised with severe burns from falling into fires.

Cook-in bags can mitigate these problems as cooking time is vastly reduced, saving fuel and health. Our mission is make these bags widely available so that the benefits can be spread far and wide, not only for users but for those who make them to sell.